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( Center activities )


Conferences & symposia 
The center organized Two conferences: 
- 1st scientific conference on 5/6/2007. its slogan was  "Environmental Protection is the Responsibility of All".
- 2nd scientific periodical conference. Its slogan was "The Safety of Our Environment is the Mirror of Our Civilization"
The Center also had organized 5 symposia:
1- The 1st symposium was in April 2002.                     .
2- The 2nd symposium focused on Urban Solid Waste in April 2008.
3- The 3rd symposium focused on Recent Trends in Drinking Water Treatment in March 2009.   
4- The 4th symposium focused on Some Environmental Obstacles in Mosul in April 2010.
5- The 5th  symposium focused on the Environmental Pollution in Ninevah Governorate with the coordination of Mosul Environment Directorate.
The centre also had organized the following activities: 
- Sixty lectures on "Environmental Sensing of Solid Waste Risks and Its Effects on Health" in Ninevah Governorate Offices. 
- The Centre had signed a memorial explanation with Ninevah Environment Directorate for consulting, training. 
- Furthermore the center had conducted 5 continuing education courses. The courses were attended by many participants  from different governmental offices inside and outside Mosul city.  
Besides, each member in the center is asked to present 2 seminars through each academic years.   
1- Consultancy for various Environmental fields. 
2- Conducting EIA for different sectors.
3- Organizing symposia and delivering lectures. 
4- Contribution in some offices as members.
5- Conducting training courses in Environmental fields.  
6- Conducting studies concerning Environmental problems.
7- Design of Environmental projects. 
Center Laboratories

Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

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:: Center activities

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