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( Vision, mission and goals )


Environmental pollution has become an important concern of many scientific establishments and institutions and Mosul university is no exception. A center for Environmental  Researches and pollution control was founded to study Environmental status and to provide consultancy  for environmental pollution problems in the country. Besides the center contributes to all activities that aim to upgrade existent Environmental coشnditions and provide clean and  sound environment.
Population growth, urban expansion, industries, desertification, air and water pollution, biodiversity, climate change as well as many other fields had been named as focus study of the center. Such fields necessitate monitoring and treatment solution before they reach a degree of uncontrolled case. The center was established in 11/6/1997 and is considered the Environmental profile of Mosul university as it tackles through studies and researches all the above mentioned topics.
The center is Mosul university representative to conduct consultancy & provide solution for protection of the Environmental.
To call for Environmental protection and provide scientific initiatives and solution for Environmental pollution both locally and nationally. This is made through scientific researches, consultancy, training and knowledge transfer as well as Environmental awareness.
1- To protect the Environment through conducting  EIA studies for existing and proposed projects.
2- Upgrade coordination between university & society through performing many specialized courses and symposia.
3- Human Capacity building & rehabilitation through conducting continuing education courses and seeking for staff training abroad.
4- Conducting Researches and studies  to determine pollution sources and its mitigation and management.
5- Documentation of  Environmental date and information.
6- Conducting studies of EIS for Ninivah Governorate.
7- 7-Design of environmental projects such as treatment plants,  solid waste facilities. . . etc.
Center Laboratories

Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

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